Why you should be voting this up coming election

With the presidential election next year, every one is getting ready to vote for their favorite candidate. But not everyone is happy with the lineup they have to choose from. A popular solution people are choosing is to not vote all together. Here’s a list of reasons why you should vote this year:

   1.  Every vote counts

If there is someone in this election that you really don’t want in office, vote for an opposite candidate. The votes will add up and get the candidate you don’t want out of the race.

  2.  It allows you to voice your opinions

When you vote, the lawmakers of our country get to hear your beliefs on the issues that matter most to you — education, the economy, health care, personal beliefs —  Your vote represents you as an American.

  3.  You become credible

When you don’t vote but continue to complain about the government, no one will take your concerns seriously. If you don’t care enough to vote, then you obviously don’t care enough to make a change. You don’t get to complain about who is in office if you’re not going to do anything about it.


Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at  Democratic Debatr
Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at Democratic Debate


  4.  Children are the future 

Citizens under 18 can’t vote, so people of legal age need to vote for their needs. Voting for the people and the rights that will benefit the lives of today’s children will help them greatly by the time they turn 18. Their needs are just as important as yours.

  5.  It honors our history

The right to vote has always been a battle in our history, and now that each American citizen has the right to vote regardless of race or gender, we should exercise that right. It honors the leaders of our nation and is a way to feel patriotic.

Voting is an important part of who we are as Americans; exercising that right can benefit our future as a whole. So please, go out this year and vote for our future leader. Your voice deserves to be heard.


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