Superhero Movies: Too many this year?

The 2016 lineup of motion pictures is jam-packed with tons of films giving moviegoers hope for better movies this year. Based on release dates from Marvel Studios, DC and Fox, superhero movies will be dominating the theaters. There are too many superhero films coming out in 2016.

The amount of hero movies coming out is way too much. Coming this year we have Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, X Men Apocalypse, Superman vs Batman, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and Gambit. That’s seven movies with three from Marvel productions, two from DC studios, and two from Fox. Although the films are coming from different production companies, seven films seems excessive when comparing to last year where we only had three movies total: Avengers Age of Ultron, Antman, and Fantastic Four

With so many out at one time superhero films aren’t special like they used to be. When Avengers first premiered, it was a huge event that everyone couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks; making it was one of the biggest movies of the year. With seven coming out in 2016, the films will have less memorability and won’t be as noteworthy with more coming out each year.

Illustrated by Jalynn Eaton
Illustrated by Jalynn Eaton

The amount of movies could also make enthusiasts uninterested in the films. As much as Marvel fans enjoy seeing how all the movies connect, along with fans of DC and Fox films being happy about their film universe’s expansion, it’s easy to burn them out. Even some of the loyalist fans could get tired of seeing too many films; ruining their love for the pictures altogether.

Superhero movies are a special occurrence for many fans. The mass popularity of nerd culture is reaching the peak; it’s understandable that people want to get as many films as they can. The superhero movie phase won’t last forever and once the craze is over we may not get remakes till 2050, but there’s just too many coming out at one time; making the films less uniqueness as well as less popular with enthusiasts.

Marvel, DC and Fox need to change the movie release schedules. Primarily Marvel needs to rearrange the movie release schedule. DC and Fox actually did fine with spacing out their movies but Marvel’s Deadpool and Captain America Civil War feel too close. In brief, all of the studios should adjust the release dates of their movies coming out in 2016.

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