Review: AP Fall Ball Tour Comes to The White Rabbit

Story and Photo By Christina Dimyan

On Friday night the AP Fall Ball tour came to The White Rabbit. This year’s bands included Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, Emarosa, Polar Bear Club, and This Is Hell. The Fall Ball comes around once a year, featuring different bands each year.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to experience this show. People in line Friday afternoon were anxiously awaiting to buy their ticket outside the White Rabbit only to find out that they were sold out.

“I was pretty mad because they told us they had tickets, but when we got there, they said they had sold out a long time ago. It was a show I really wanted to go to,” said sophomore Sandra Loza.

This Is Hell was the first band of the night. They were then followed by Polar Bear Club and Emarosa. August Burns Red then came on and got the crowds crazy with their hardcore breakdowns. Bring Me The Horizon, which were the tour’s headliners, finished off the night with a wild show, which kept the crowd pumped and moving all through the night.

“It was better than I expected. I had the best time and I can’t wait till next year,” said sophomore Cyriss Wilkins.

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