GT English III Brings Help to Those In Need

By Richard Hernandez

When asked if throwing money at an economic problem would solve it, juniors in Anne Ducote’s English III GT class went on a mission to discover the answer.

“I think a lot of them realized that throwing money at a economic problem doesn’t solve it,” Ducote said. “It’s not just money, but genuine concern for your fellow human being, which means volunteering time, and creating awareness.”

The students raised about $1,800 total for the charities in need. They also visited the charities they chose to work with to see what the charity is about, and what they do with the money that they receive.

“They put [the money] into the funds that they use for the kids, utilities, everything that they use there,” junior Kristen Hoelscher said of her charity. “The ladies were so happy they said it helped.”

Some students chose two charities which had different needs.

“Our group went to a warehouse and we donated time instead of money,” junior Katelyn Czarnecki said. “The reason we had chosen two charities was because they both had different problems. We saw they needed hard work and financial resources.”

Each of the groups were also asked to make a documentary about their findings.

“I was so proud of them. Some of them turned out like professional documentaries. They were educational and entertaining,” Ducote said.

With the impact the experiment had on the students, Ducote has already made plans to make it a annual assignment, and sends her thanks to all that helped.

“I would like to personally thank all the staff that donated and gave their support to the project, and thank you to my students for their hard work and generosity.” Ducote  said. “I’m truly proud of them.”

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