Review: Night Visons Puts Imagine Dragons “On Top of the World”

 By Richard Hernandez

After releasing several EPs and gaining some recognition for their single “It’s Time” Imagine Dragons decided that it’s about time that they released their first full length album.

The album Night Visions doesn’t disappoint. The album is composed of some new material as well as some familiar ones. The band wastes no time and goes straight to business with album opener “Radioactive” a song that could turn any audience into a group of head bangers. 

The album doesn’t stop there. The band keeps going strong, turning out catchy lyrics and a hypnotizing sound that just keeps the listener wanting more. Songs like “Amsterdam” and “Tiptoe” go for more the arena rock sound, while songs “On Top of the World” and “Fallen” are just catchy songs that might require some backing vocals by the listener.

With Night Visions Imagine Dragons proves that they aren’t just a one hit wonder, and show their ability to throw out great music. The band continues to live by their own words and never changes who they are. While other bands might have just capitalized on the success of a song such as “It’s Time” and made an album that sounded like the hit single Imagine Dragons went for a more experimental sound, and makes for an excellent debut for the Las Vegas band.

The album is a great debut for the band. For those who don’t yet know who Imagine Dragons are it might become time to take note, the band is here and if their debut is any indication of the future of the band it seems like they are here to stay.

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