Smells like School Spirit!

By Marlen Zamora

This morning the juniors of Madison gathered at the DEMAC for the first Junior Core meeting of the year. The excitement moved through everyone in the room as soon as Coach V, Coach Wolfe, and Trainer York discussed the major events to come for the new Junior Core members.

“It was exciting to know we could have a say in events like prom, homecoming and we could participate in fundraisers, I invited my close friends to the meeting too.” Junior Angelina Ramirez said.

  As the meeting progressed the students got more and more hyped as well as Coach V and Coach Wolfe. Their main goal this year, get students involved and continues the school spirit that seemed to have died down this new school year.

  “We want to bring back pride to Madison, “Coach Shannon Wolfe said. “We should be standing up for ourselves. We’re really trying to get as many students involve as possible.”

  IN addition Coach Villarreal emphasize that creativity will be part of this year’s Junior Core.

  “It’s going to be very creative, and we’re starting with the students and happy to do our part.”Coach Vanessa Villarreal said.

  Not to worry though students can still sign up and attend the Junior Core meetings to come. The following will be some events that will take place. Prom, Homecoming, Powder Puff, Interacting with the ALE kids as well as becoming a rowdy row(do not have to be junior, any grade level).

Junior Core Update- Week of October 6-12, 2013
  •  This week Junior Core will be decorating and designing their Gatsby themed homecoming banner. All help and ideas are encouraged to make the banner the winner of all the homecoming banners. (Banners should be finished by October 11.)
  • Mums will be made all week priced at $5 for the teachers or the faculty. The mums will be delivered October 14.
  • Class t-shirts and stampede tanks/t-shirts are in and you can pick yours up in P6B with Coach V and Coach Wolfe.
  • Junior Core will be selling Junior Core t-shirts for $1 as well.
  • The Pink Out game is this Saturday at 7 pm. Junior Core students will escort ALE students to the game. Junior core students make sure you wear your Pink Out shirt. If you did not purchase a Pink Out shirt wear your Junior Core t-shirt.

October 14-19, 2013

  • Junior Core members and Mavericks make sure to show school spirit  this Homecoming week:

Tuesday-Twin Day

Wednesday-Jersey Day

Thursday- 20’s Day and the  Night Pep Rally @ 6:30 pm

Friday- Maverick Day (Madison colors)

              -Orange Out Football Game vs Lee

Saturday-Homecoming Dance 7 pm

The Homecoming winners will be announced this Friday.

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