Madison Strikes Down Taft

By Jissele Wright

The varsity volleyball team defeated Taft with a final score of 15 to 11. Supportive parents and friends littered the stands of the Littleton gym cheering on the Lady Mavs.

“The best part of playing volleyball is when you make a good pass or hit, or when you win a game. It’s a pretty amazing feeling,”  Ciana Dorsey, junior volleyball player said.

With the game being a victory, the team made a small dent in the mostly tied season. Though only the third win of the year, Coach Wolfe still has a strong idea of what the girls plan to accomplish. Wolfe anticipates varsity making playoffs.

“My expectations for my players − I want them to come together as a team and family, to be at every practice,” head volleyball coach Shannon Wolfe said. “They need to put volleyball first along with their studies.”

Playing since childhood, Coach Wolfe dedicates her time passing on her love of the game.

“I coach volleyball because I love the game. I’ve played since I was five, I still play volleyball now. As a coach I get to pass on what I’ve learned.”

The players it appears share the same feelings and hopes with their coach.

“I joined volleyball because it’s in my blood. I’ve always loved playing sports,” Dorsey said. “My goals are, well to get better, play hard, and not to get down on myself so much. But, as a team, our main goal is to make playoffs.”

With a goal set ahead of them, it seems that the varsity volleyball team’s ready to tackle their next opponent.

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