Classical Carnival

By Mackenzie Wallace

A carnival is making its way over to the Madison PAC this Friday. This circus, however, is composed of violins, violas, and cellos, creating the eighth annual Carnival of the Animals performance hosted by the Madison orchestra.

Fifth grade students from the various Madison cluster schools get the opportunity to tune in to Carnival of the Animals, a unique composure set to mimic assorted creatures. It will be performed by the Philharmonic and Chamber orchestra’s, along with a few wind instrument musicians from the band.

“The concert is to expose fifth graders to the genre of orchestral or instrumental music,” orchestra teacher Don Bustos said. “The more you listen to certain music, the more you appreciate it. Exposing them to Carnival of the Animals shows what a composer did and the piece he composed. They’ll know there’s other music besides what’s on the radio.”

This is no ordinary concert though. Art pieces created by the elementary students based on the carnival themed music they’ve heard will be on display throughout the show.

“The students have created art that goes with the music and we show a slideshow of the art while music plays, that way the students can see the actual art they drew,” Bustos said.

By consistently attending rehearsals and practicing at home, orchestra students have been preparing to make this a memorable concert for the kids.

“I want to make all the elementary schoolers excited and proud to be with the Madison Orchestra,” sophomore orchestra student Aaliyah Crawford said.

After all the strenuous work put into the performance, Carnival of the Animals is one concert the elementary students will not soon forget.

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