Rodeo Recognitions

Reported by Joleigh Ferguson


The James Madison FFA team was highly represented at the San Antonio Stock Show as our school had a large group of students do well in competitions while also participating in the fun activities the fair had to bring.

Some of the amazing students who represented our school these past weeks, these students were:

Chase Lund – 1st place, Heifer show
Londyn Hall- 5th place, Steer show, Made Auction
Nayeli Loza, 6th, Steer show, made auction
Mark Duke 3rd, Steer show, Brangus
Megan Domino, 6th, Steer show, Brangus
Elise Gellhausen 11th, Steer show, Shorthorn
Katherine Gellhausen 7th, Steer show, Santa Gertrudis
Yareli Gonzales 11th, Auction
Mackenize Sorrlls, Poultry S.A.L.E
Gage White 4th, Swine Show, Berkshire
Logan Wright, Calf scramble, earned $1,200
Robert Wright 6th, doe/goat
Savannah Bond 11t, doe/goat
Robert Wright 14th, doe/goat
Oliva Wildeman, Calf scramble, $1,200
Avril Deleon, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 4th, Doe/buck
Chloe Evans, 1st, 9th, 1st, 4th, Doe/Buck
Cecilia Siegal 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, Doe/Buck
Floral team S.A.L.E, 6th
Lauren Bomer, 2nd, Landscape
Elysia Jimenez, 5th

The rodeo allows families and people to engage in fair-like activities to enjoy and make memories in a variety of different ways, and due to the popularity of the rodeo, it was very packed, making competition harder for our contestants, which means a whole lot more than they won.

Some more of our school’s students will be going and competing in Houston, such as Emily Burt, who placed 3rd.

Some of the fair activities students were able to enjoy before or after their competitions were multiple carnival activities, ring toss, and a small variety of rides, which was a great way to wrap up the rodeo season

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