Only “@” Madison

 By Monika Garcia

Students with Instagram accounts, looking for entertainment, have lately been observing the lives of others online via an outburst of Madison-themed accounts promoting various “out of context” pictures of Mavericks doing different things. 

    The first account that started it all is named “nocontextjmhs” . The owner has a whopping 1,726 followers. 

          There are multiple accounts of different topics- such as “madisonsleepz”, “madisoneats”, “jmhs_bathroomshoepage”, and “jmhsdrippage,” all posting pictures relating to their account name. 

         “I think they are useless and unfunny and are just there to be dumb.” stated junior Jeshua Hernandez. 

Junior Jeshua Hernandez

         “The most unnecessary stuff. Just posting random things to be dumb,” Hernandez continued. 

         The identity of these accounts is well hidden, and more keep popping up every day causing stress among students.

Senior Maricela Aguilar

     “I feel like I can’t even put my head down to rest without feeling like someone will take a picture of me and post me,” stated senior Maricela Aguilar.


     “I think it’s a little suspicious that we are being watched now,” stated freshman Jasmine Longoria.

Freshman Jasmine Longoria

       “I think it’s a mix of funny and dumb, although I’d like to be able to sleep at school,” Longoria continued. 

      Even though the posts are meant to entertain, some students are anxious that they may be recorded without their knowledge. Making and watching these videos is a big trend among the students, so watch yourself, you never know who else is.


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