Avila’s Antics

Reported By Monika Garcia

Mr. Avila teaches Reg/AP Government at Madison. He has been teaching at Madison for 10 years and enjoys teaching government because he believes it to be the “most authoritative science.”

“I love teaching government because it studies what we think people should be doing,” said Avila.
His teaching style isn’t like most teachers, and he believes students should be taught whilst having a clear mind.
“If we don’t know how to regulate our emotions, then it doesn’t matter if we are a genius because if you’re mad you’re not going to say the right answer, or if you’re stressed you’re not going to be able to communicate what you need. I, one-hundred percent feel what teachers must value the emotional development of our students and even themselves,” said Avila. 

Mr. Avila has bright ideas for students and their learning and overall health.
“I would love to provide more fruits and vegetables in our cafeteria because I believe if you have a healthy body you have a healthy mind,” Avila stated.
“My focus is around actively listening to my students. I focus on what do they need and what do they want so I can meet them where they are,” Avila continued.
If you haven’t thought about taking Mr. Avila’s Reg/AP Government course, request his class in building M101.

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