Meaningful Maroon

As reported by Monika Garcia


Madison gathered to show their support for the community of Uvalde, where a deranged gunman opened fire on Robb Elementary School, ending the lives of 19 young children, along with 2 teachers, and many wounded several.

In memory of the many who lost their lives, many Maverick students, teachers, and people are wearing maroon to represent the Robb Elementary Coyotes, whose colors were Maroon.

“I wore maroon today because I felt that representation over what happened was important because it stands up for the kids that lost friends, the parents who lost their kids, and for the teachers, we lost,” said freshman Elise Schnieder.

It was announced to the school (Madison) that we were wearing Maroon to show respect and honor.

“I wore maroon to show support for the elementary school. To show support to the families. To show why it affects everyone regardless of where it happens,” said junior Maya Overall.







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