On Loan from Germany

Reported by Madison O’Driscoll

Carla Schulze, an exchange student from Germany, comes from the program Experiment, which takes students around the globe. She is a sophomore and has moved 5,437 miles to come to America. Carla has visited two other countries, Britain and Spain. When she was asked which country she would go to next, she answered France, “In Germany, I have learned French for four years now, and yes, The Eiffel Tower is very beautiful.”

When she gets older, Carla wants to have a career in criminal investigation.  “I want to dive into this world, figure out people, solve problems, and protect people.” Right now she is meeting new people and striving in school.

According to Carla, America is expensive. Groceries, food, and supplies are all costly. But what the most surprising thing is, is the houses in Germany. In Texas, the normal house is $300,000 to $400,000. In Germany, the normal house is over a million dollars. Carla was also surprised that there were so many cars that people drive in Texas. In her hometown of Berlin, most people use bicycles, trains, and buses to travel.

Carla has been learning a lot of languages. She has taken six years to learn English and is fluent now. She says she has no problems with English in her classes here.  She says school lasts longer here. In Germany school is from eight a.m to two p.m and no school lunch. In Germany, she took also had a chance to take a lot of electives.  For instance, Carla had piano, and choir, and played the guitar in her band class. She is also interested in language and art. When asked what she likes to do, she said “I like to meet new people.” Carla seems to be smart, outgoing, courageous, and very friendly.

Carla Schulze is an exchange student and enjoying her time in our classrooms.

In all, Carla is one extraordinary person who has so much talent. She’s a person that makes you want to travel the world and get to know a lot more about it. And even with having all this stress put on her, she seems to have it all together and keeps going. Carla is definitely someone to look up to and we will all enjoy having her in school for this semester.


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