Go Gobble Gobble

Reported by Ely Fonseca


This past Saturday, runners of all shapes and sizes participated in our annual ‘Turkey Trot’ held here on campus and off. The Trot is an activity where students, teachers, and neighbors can participate and run the course that uses Stahl, Judson, and O’Conner roads. The “turkeys” ran through the fog-filled 5-K course. Onet rotter, Candelario Colunga, specifically flew at this event. Candelario is a Freshman here at Madison, but this isn’t his first year competing in this event. When he attended Harris Middle School, he also ran in the Turkey Trot. On Saturday, he placed 2nd overall out of over two dozen runners.

It was a foggy day for trotting turkeys.


Colunga stated that he runs cross country for the school, and he’s been running for a while now, and it’s one thing he enjoys doing. He’s very good at it. “The Trot was fun. I liked running, for the event I mean. I enjoy running as a hobby too,” said Candelario Colunga.  He stressed that it’s not as hard as some may think. “I’m in cross country. I think people are intimidated by long-distance running, but it’s really not as bad as people think. If you want to try and run a 5k, just go for it. The mental block is really what stops you, even if you run really slow, at least you ran it. If you want to try just go for it… you know it’s fun,” said Candelario Colunga.

Proud mom, Valerie Mitchell with speedster son, Candelario Colunga.


“I’m happy I got 2nd, I mean I probably could’ve done better, but I’m not mad at how I did or how I placed. I’m satisfied with that,” said Colunga, who is enthusiastic about running, but it’s not his only hobby. He also enjoys basketball and playing video games, just like any other kid his age, though he modestly states he’s not good at either.  Having fun is really all that matters though, It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, as long as you’re having fun.”

After the race, Darius Willams, Nicholas Madonado, and Destiney Williams chilled and chatted.
Warming up was important for the runners to get loose.



It’s not over until the last turkey comes home.

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