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Reported By Giovani De La Torre

As the NFL Playoffs are coming to an end with only one game left before Super Bowl LVIII, 4 teams remain standing with a chance to make an appearance in the Super Bowl. The two final playoff games will both be January 28th, hosting the AFC Conference championship, the Kansas City Chiefs, Vs. Baltimore Ravens will be streamed January 28th on CBS at 2:00 CST.

The Kansas City Chiefs have fought it through the playoffs this season. Their first game Vs. the Miami Dolphins was an effortless victory. The final score being 26-7. The Chiefs led by 10 before Miami scored their first, and unfortunately last touchdown of the game, Chiefs scored 2 field goals, ending the first half at 16-7. The game went on from there and the Chiefs later scored a field goal, one touchdown, to finalize the score. The Chiefs defense played amazing against the Dolphins allowing only one touchdown by WR Tyreek Hill. To be fair, the Miami Dolphins were at a disadvantage, playing in extreme temperatures such as -4 degrees fahrenheit, which Miami is not used to, opposed to an average of 75 degrees fahrenheit at home.

Kansas City Chiefs second playoff game was Vs. The Buffalo Bills. This matchup is always exciting due to their scores being close every time. The Bills scored the first 3 points by field goal, and Chiefs scored a field goal shortly after to tie the game. The Bills scored a touchdown taking the lead in the second quarter but The Chiefs scored a field goal and a touchdown to take the lead, however Bills scored a touchdown with 26 seconds left before ending the first half 13-17, Bills. From the start of the second half, the game was neck and neck, Chiefs and Bills taking turns scoring touchdowns. Kansas City took the first touchdown of the 3rd quarter making it a 20-17 game. Then of course, Buffalo shoving the ball towards the end zone, Chiefs defense allowing their final point, scored a touchdown, now leading at 24-20, Buffalo. The Chiefs took a 3 point lead with their final touchdown of the game. With 14 minutes left in the final quarter of the game. Both defenses had a substantial performance, Bills stopping the Chiefs and moving up to field goal range where the Buffalo Bills had the greatest upset of the season. With only 1 minute left, Buffalo at field goal range, Tyler Bass to kick a 44-yard field goal attempt, misses the needed game tying field goal with a ‘Wide Right’. Turning the ball over to Kansas City, where they would chew the clock, ending the game, leaving Buffalo fans devastated, with a final score of 27-24, Kansas City Chiefs.

This weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing against the Baltimore Ravens who played Vs. The Houston Texans last week, Ravens allowing the Texans a 50-yard field goal scored by Ka’imi Fairbairn and a 67-yard punt return touchdown, scored by punt returner, Steven Sims, being their only points for the rest of the game. This game was interesting because it was C.J Stroud’s first playoff game, a rookie quarterback leading the Texans as a rookie. And their rookie head coach, DeMeco Ryans, who formerly played for the Houston Texans as a linebacker drafted in 2006. The Ravens easily beat the Texans, their defense playing like animals stopping almost every play the Texans had against them. The Baltimore Ravens Vs. The Kansas City Chiefs game will be exciting, 2 MVP quarterbacks against each other, Lamar Jackson leading Baltimore and Patrick Mahomes leading Kansas City. In a press conference, Lamar Jackson says about Patrick Mahomes “He’s definitely a hall of famer. I believe it’s just two up and coming greats, just going toe to toe. You know, like a heavyweight fight. Heavyweight matchup, that’s just what I see.” And Mahomes on Jackson, “He’s going to be the MVP for a reason.” The Chiefs may have had a great performance this season and postseason, however, the Ravens’ performance on-screen and outstanding defense. “He’s an elite quarterback, but at the end of the day, we’re an elite defense.” Said Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith. I strongly believe the Ravens will beat the Chiefs this weekend, taking Baltimore to the Super Bowl. However, a close game with how the Chiefs will put up a fight.

The NFC Conference Championship, Detroit Lions Vs. San Francisco 49ers will be streamed January 28th on FOX at 5:30 CST. The Lions have made a big difference in the NFL this season, showing up in their first playoff game in 30 years. The Lions have really shown up this season making up for their previous years staying at the low side of the power rankings, making a rare appearance in the top 4 this season. With Jared Goff leading the Lions to a victory Vs. the Los Angeles Rams their first playoff game, by one point. 24-23. Jared Goff has 3 passing touchdowns this postseason and 564 passing yards compared to 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy with 1 passing touchdown and 253 passing yards Vs. the Green Bay Packers. Less than what Goff accomplished in each game, 277 passing yards Vs. The Rams, and 287 passing yards Vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Lions beat the Buccaneers last week 31-23 with a close game with a sad ending for Tampa Bay. The game started out being close on both sides of the ball. Lions acquired the first 3 points of the game by field goal, Buccaneers shortly after, tied the game, also scoring a field goal , before the lions score a touchdown taking 7 point lead, 10-3, until the last 20 seconds of the first half, the Buccaneers tie the game with a touchdown. Entering the second half, the Buccaneers receive the ball, turning it over on downs within 4 minutes of possession. Both teams scored a touchdown and the PAT attempt, Lions taking the first, and Buccaneers second to tie the game with only one quarter left. The Lions take a heavy, two touchdown lead, giving the Buccaneers 6 minutes to make plays and tie the game or take the lead. Baker Mayfield with a pass to Wide Receiver Mike Evans, made the game 23-31, Buccaneers attempting a needed 2 point conversion, pass to Mayfield, blocked by Lions safety, Ifeatu Melifonwu. The Buccaneers receive the ball after stopping the Lions offense, Baker Mayfield to throw, with only 1 minute and a half, need to make a play to score a touchdown and a required 2 point conversion to tie the game. Mayfield passes to Tight End Cade Otton, and is intercepted by Lions linebacker Derrick Barnes. All of the Buccaneers players and their fans are left, distraught. The Lions finish the game, taking a QB knee, ending the final quarter 31-23.

The Lions have a tougher opponent this weekend taking on the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers game Vs. the Green Bay Packers was a little surprising, Green Bay making the game fairly close, only being 3 points behind the 49ers, 21-24. The first half ended 6-7 49ers. Packers scoring 2 field goals and 49ers Tight End George Kittle scoring the first touchdown. The Second half starts with Packers quarterback Jordan Love, passing to Wide Receiver Bo Melton, for their first touchdown. Only 3 plays later, 49ers super star running back Christian McCaffrey takes the ball to the end zone for a 39 yard rushing touchdown. After taking them into the lead, the Packers shortly swiped that spot from them with a 2 yard pass to Tucker Kraft from Jordan Love. And to take their final point, a pass to Aaron Jones for the 2 point conversion, is complete. Taking a short lead, 21-14. The 49ers scored a field goal, (21-17) then stopped the Packers from having a longer drive, regaining possession then handing the ball to Christian McCaffrey once again, scoring a 6 yard rushing touchdown. Jordan Love with only 50 seconds left to make a play, throws the ball, targets Wide Receiver Christian Watson, but intercepted by 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, Finalizing the score. 24-21 49ers.

With both teams, San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions, both teams with an outstanding performance this postseason, will show an amazing game this weekend. It’s hard to say who will walk away with the win, heading to the Super Bowl, but the 49ers are favored to win, but the Lions may surprise you.

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