Chicago: Madison’s Latest Play Based on a True Story

Reported by Anahi Avolos

The performances for Chicago are tonight and tomorrow at 7pm, and february 3rd at 2pm. Students from theater, choir, and even some members of the Dollies will be starring in the play. With outstanding vocals from Olivia Sereno playing as Roxie, and Mayan Rodriguez as Velma, along with the ensemble singing and wondrous choreography. The fine arts department rehearsed tirelessly for this performance.

Chicago takes place in the 1920s, Based on 2 women, Beulah Annan and belva Gaertner, who were accused and acquitted of  killing their lovers, protagonists Roxie and Velma kill their husbands and try to become big show girls while facing trial. “It’s all about empowering women” Anna Tabora said; Anna is an ensemblist and plays Kitty Baxter in Chicago. She hopes it impacts the audience to achieve their dreams and show that women can be stars, despite them being murderers. “You just have to wait and see” Anna says. Another hard working ensemblist is Jocelyn Rios. She shared that the people who have seen how this play turned out was wood middle school. “They came on over to Madison and we performed Chicago for them and they absolutely loved it. They really cheered us on!” Jocelyn stated. She hopes that those 8th grade kids are inspired and would love to join theater class to even more outstanding performances they can act out and show.

The Chicago cast during rehearsal

Director Honeycutt and Thompson have been working so much with Tech Theater kids to build an outstanding set to really have that 1920s vibe. Freshman Cynthia Maldonado is a tech theater student who helps, drill, paint, etc. “Some sets were very hard to do but we got it done absolutely perfectly.” Cynthia said,  she stays for rehearsals to change out the sets when needed and is stunned by the performers efforts. “Choreography was absolutely amazing. The dance teachers did so well. Even the choir kids who don’t know how to dance did amazing, the vocals are incredible and lovely. So elegant, graceful, and just absolutely powerful, just what the play is all about.” Cynthia had nothing but good things to say about this play.

Olivia and Mayan are thrilled for people to come down and watch. It’s worth it, very empowering and will just flabbergast you. All they really hope for in the end is for women to understand the message of this play and be incredible. “I think it’ll show a different side of what theater and show we are really capable of.” Both Olivia Senero and Mayan Rodrigeuz stated. Let’s give them a good cheer as they are giving us a good show.

Actors Joshua Lorch, Olivia Sereno, and Julian Sanchez

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