The Messy Problem With Cascerones

Reported by Hunter Paganucci

With Easter having recently passed and traditions being over, the rising outcry of complaints about Cascarones continues to be made apparent. The marking of the holidays arrival is made very clear by the colorful confetti mess left behind. Because of this, many activists are asking for people to stop with these items and to find alternatives.

The colorful confetti filled chicken eggs are decorated for holiday traditions such as Easter or Cinco de Mayo. Smashing one on someone’s head is meant so symbolize good luck, however, While the family battle royale with eggs are fun in the moment, the environmental impact have man protesting the idea of throwing them as part of the holidays. 

Many people dislike cascarones because of the environmental impact. In many public parks, including Government Canyon State Park, completely disallowed the bringing of cascarones, giving out citations to those who do. The vast amount of small confetti is almost impossible to pristinely clean up, leaving a nightmare for the school custodians have to clean up after a day of students throwing dozens of hollow eggs at each other.

Along with the mess, the throwing of the Cascarones is an annoyance to many people by itself. “I think it’s annoying, and it gets old quickly, ” said Kat, a Sophomore student at James Madison High School, “and it gets messy.”

With all of the mentioned issues with Cascarones, There are many solutions to containing the mess cascarones leave behind. One way of dealing with them would be to keep a designated area for Cascarone throwing, so that way only willing participants would partake in it and it would be much less difficult to clean up after. These are just a few ways to deal with Cascarones at school, but the issue is still continuing to prove itself constant, making it harder to deal with them effectively. 

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