CLEAR BACKPACKS A clear issue A editorial by Robert Bosquez

My opinion on the clear backpacks is the same as most of my classmates, negative. The reason I say this is quite simple; the rule for clear backpacks is ineffective. I think in striving to make us feel safer, it just misses the mark.


I had an interview with Assistant Principal Mr.  Castro, and I have to say my opinion has slightly changed. When I first spoke to him, I came in with a negative mind set. When I asked do you think clear backpacks were the best choice? He said,“I think it lets people see we are trying to do something different to keep the students safe”.


Though the backpacks do make us feel safer,  it doesn’t show immediately. I asked Mr.Castro if he thought clear backpacks make us safer? “Well, it’s a clear backpack. It does make its contents more visible compared to regular backpacks.” Well, what he said is true. There is no denying that the policy is a small step toward students’ safety . However,this policy cannot be the sole solution to the school safety issue.


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