Incredibles 2 :the Critics Thoughts By Isabella Gutierrez

Incredibles 2 :the Critics Thoughts

By Isabella Gutierrez


Incredibles 2, a movie everyone waited to see, has finally came out this year, and everyone is dressing up as his or her favorite character.

But some people think the movie  was too “scary” or too violent for the 7 or 8 year olds, and it had too much cussing. This reflects the opinions of a few parents, but what do  the kids thoughts and opinions.

A 17 year old who watched the movie said

‘“I saw this movie today and I thought it was Incredible! Don’t listen to any of the stuff people say about the cursing. When I saw the movie my family and I didn’t even notice the cursing at all until we found out online. They say hell and damn maybe once or twice and maybe have like one drink and they don’t even mention  the fact it’s alcoholic. This movie is great and is a good experience for kids too.’’

Parents and children, would you want to see a movie that you’ve waited long for or listen to the negative reviews and pass up the opportunity to see an “incredible” movie.

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