Earth Day Festival

Monday , April 22,  is the day to be at school.

Students are able to attend  an Earth Day Festival.  During their PE or Health classes seahawks can enjoy many activities and no money is needed just cans. Yep, I said “cans.”  We are collecting cans of food to donate where they are needed,

There will be a 5k run.  The entrance fee is 5 cans of food.  To participate for the grand prize , you will need to earn tickets.  One ticket is awarded for each lap walked or ran.  The grand prize is not yet decided, but it will definitely be an awesome electronic device, such as an Echo, an Alexa or a Firestick.

Many booths and activities will be available for students to enjoy.  The amusments will be on a grassy part of Nimitz Middle School campus, the exact site will be posted in the hallways as the event draws nearer.  All of the entertainments showcase different ways to build a “healthy planet, body, (and)mind.”

There will also be games which use recyclable materials.  Additionally,  there will be a butterfly release, a chance to take a plant, lots of food stations, face paining, and more.

The main goal of this festival is for everyone to learn how he can help create a healthy environment. Participants will learn how they can support a community with sustainable use of resources.

Also, the festival will teach about using energy well, recycling, composting, and environment friendly was to live which can help the Earth for ourselves and the generations to come.

Finally, the sponsors of the Festival want to make certain everybody knows how to live a healthy lifestyle from day to day.

Special thanks to Mrs.Humphrey for planning the festival and putting in all the hard work to make it happen.

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