Into the Woods

After working hard for months, the Churchill 2019 musical is here. Into the woods is a combined story of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel. It stars a Baker and His wife who are trying to have a child but are cursed and have to go into the woods to find 4 necessary items to break the curse sent upon them by a witch. As a group, theatre, band and so much more have created an amazing production for our school. You can go see the play Thursday January 31–February 2nd at 7pm or Sunday February 3rd at 2:30 pm. You can purchase tickets at (When you get to the site type “Into the Woods”) for $10 or at the door for $10.


Silent Game Night

Yesterday, the ASL club had their second meeting. The first meeting was mainly for introductions and to discuss club funds as well as what the club entails. Students that know sign as well as students that don’t know any sign went to the meeting, with the hope of raising awareness for those that use ASL daily. This second club meeting though was purely for bonding and fun. A silent game night is exactly what it sounds like; you play board games such as Monopoly, Trouble, Battleship, etc. but you try to talk as little as possible. Instead, you sign to the people playing the games with you, which can be a challenge for those that don’t know sign. With that said, for most games, you only need to know the ASL alphabet to get your message across.

It’s honestly quite amazing all of the clubs that our wonderful campus offers. Clubs like Gay – Straight Alliance, unity, and even ASL provide a safe space for Churchill students. They have a place to go after school where they can hang out with people with similar interests and backgrounds. Our school is extremely lucky to have such a diverse student body, and so many students that are interested in making everyone feel included.

Semester Exams

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, Semester Exams. Not only do you have semester exams to deal with , but you most likely have homework too, and studying piled on top of that. Exams can be the most stressful thing for some people, which causes worries and anxiety. Here are the best ways to manage the stress of finals:


Get some sleep. You probably have homework and need to study, but sleep will help rejuvenate you to your best self. Plus you can always do homework in the library the next morning. Going to sleep at a good time will make a difference in how you do on exams.


Stay hydrated and eat healthier.Try to drink 3 water bottles a day and stay off constant junk food. Junk food only keeps you awake for little but after an hour it will only make you more tired than before. Healthier foods on the other hand will keep you awake and help you stay focused. Water keeps you moving and fresh. By drinking water you will have less headaches and a better functioning system.


Baths are a great ways to relieve stress. You can bring a book and listen to a little music to calm yourself down. Adding a little bit of Epsom salt can relax your muscles. Being horizontal in a bathtub or bed can also help your mood, that’s why sleeping also helps relieve stress.

Don’t over study. When studying, don’t do more than 30 minutes at a time. It will overload your brain and make you even more stressed. If you do little increments at a time it will help you better succeed on exams. Creating a study plan will also help with feeling less stressed and keep you more organized.

Orchestra Christmas Concert

 On Monday night, December 3, the Churchill Orchestra had their Christmas concert. This concert was special to many students, parents, and even the directors. The main orchestra director, Mr. Thibodeaux, even had his grandmother arrive to enjoy the holiday tunes. Because of how special this concert is to many, the orchestra has been preparing for it for months. Right after the Fall Concert, they jumped right into the Christmas season, and began to rehearse.

 On the other hand, the orchestras did need lots of time to practice. They had over six songs to perfect in only around two months. To anyone that doesn’t play an instrument, that may seem like no big deal, but when you have several different orchestras, all at different skill levels, it can be extremely difficult.

 Of course, all of that hard work does pay off in the end; everyone in the orchestra gets to have fun together and bond. After the concert is over, the students don’t have to look at that music for at least another year. Overall, these concerts, especially the holiday ones, bring everyone together. Whether it’s the violas or the cellos dancing during one of their songs, it’s clear that our Churchill Orchestra knows how to have fun, and plays almost perfectly at the same time.

You might be wondering what’s next for the orchestra. After this concert, competition season approaches, where each orchestra has to learn the songs that they will all end up playing together in front of a few judges. This season certainly promises a lot of stress for these students, but it’s nothing that they can’t handle. After all, they’re in orchestra. They can accomplish anything they set their mind to.