Faith D

Faith D (8) is 13 years old. She’s on b-team volleyball. She loves Dunkin’ Donuts, and spending time with friends and family. She also likes to listen to music. Her favorite artists are Drake, Beyoncé, and Chris Brown. Her favorite shows are Friends, Bobs Burgers, and Vampire Diaries.

“My favorite sports are volleyball, basketball, and soccer,” says Faith. She was also on b-team basketball (power forward) her 7th grade year. She used to play AU soccer when she was 3-7 years old.

Faith says, “My electives are Campus News and PALS.” She enjoys having a fun 6th grade PALEE. She also loves to write.

Maybe one day she will hope to go to A&M College and play college volleyball. She would like to go to school to be a traffic lawyer in order to pursue her life dream.

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Vyolette M.

My name Vyolette M. I’m in campus news .My favorite activity is drawing my family are artist .When I have free time, I listen to my music. In summer we go to the pool so I can practice swimming and holding my breath. I have good grades and I have athletics and play volleyball.

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Hello welcome to Luke’s profile he is in campus news. And does stuff. He is very creative and likes playing games. He plays a lot with his friends. He plays Garner football and is a tightened (on the line and is a receiver). He is a hard core gamer please in joy his articles and welcome to party city.

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