MacArthur Beats Champion

Brahma basketball is in full swing as the varsity boys beat Champion High School 53-46. The team put up a fight and ended with style capitalizing on multiple three-point plays.

The offense started off slow, scoring only 2 points in the first quarter, but eventually tied the game at the half, 25-25. The emotion on the court was high, with pushes and shoves common amongst the players from both teams.

“They were just competing better than us,” Asad Kerai, senior, said on Champions’ ability to outscore them in the first quarter. “But we just started to realize and start playing.”

The Brahma’s offense had better luck in the second half as they outscored Champion by seven points. Matt Gramling, who led the team with 6 assists, left the game in the third quarter due to injury, but would eventually come back to finish the game.

The player of the game, hands down, goes to sophomore Marcus Harris. Leading the team with 24 points scored, he seemed to boost morale and get everyone back into the game. MacArthur’s next game is on Dec. 20, 6:00 p.m. at Paul Taylor Gym at Stevens.


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