Powder Puff Makes a Comeback

The Powder Puff tradition made a return to the school for the first time since COVID on Friday, May 12. The game, held at the school’s football field between the juniors girls and the senior girls, ended in a 28-12 win for the juniors.


“That was pretty decisive,” referee Christopher Gloege said.


The return of the game is huge for the school, as the game was canceled last year because of a lack of participation. This was the first Powder Puff game held since the Spring of 2019.


“It was good to have this back,” Mr. Gloege said. “I’ve been reffing every year since I’ve been here. We haven’t done it since 2019, so it was really good to be back. It feels like the world’s starting to get back to where it should be.”


The athletes had a lot of fun, with the school’s football players acting as coaches for both of the teams, and because the game was super competitive, the two teams built a lot of chemistry.


“All of the students, teachers, and the upperclassmen showing leadership and comradery was just really good for what we’ve been trying to do,” senior Mandy Flores said. “It’s just getting the energy and spirit up for Mac.”


I’m giving the Powder Puff play of the game to junior Faith Sosa. Her two-point conversion reception in the end zone was clutch for the juniors, completely reaching over her shorter senior defender.


 “We were going for two, and I was like ‘I’m gonna be wide open’,” Sosa said. “I had one person on me, and everyone else was on my right. I was like ‘throw it here, throw it here’, and they throw it, I catch it, and I go crazy.”


The juniors dominated, and many of them want to play next year as seniors, hopefully leading to this school tradition being revitalized for good.


“I’m definitely playing next year,” Sosa said. “I came out here and I was at practices, and this is kind of what high school is all about to me. This was fun, so I want to do it again next year and win.”


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