Ariana Grande Brings Out The Sunshine

by | Aidan Curtis

Staff Reporter


Avoiding the haters and trying to forget about the negativity and drama in her life, Ariana Grande wraps up the tea in her newest and 7th studio album eternal sunshine

In its second week, eternal sunshine has made its way to the number one spot, but this isn’t new for Grande. She has now made number one on her albums 6 times and her songs are constantly hitting the charts whenever she has a new album dropping. Ariana hasn’t released an album since 2020, so her fanbase and I have been waiting for this new project.

This new album moves into her usual genre, pop, but makes its way into a sort of early 2000s R&B and creates a very smooth in-between with the pop and R&B styles. Songs on the album like true story and the boy is mine both have that mix of pop and R&B that just works so well. There are other songs on the album that are very clearly just pop like bye and yes, and? She continues to raise the bar for other new artists with the way she blends and bends genres so effortlessly.

There are so many great songs on this album, one I thoroughly enjoyed and that is so underrated but seems to get no attention is intro (end of the world). I don’t know if it’s the fact that the song is 1 minute and 32 seconds long so it’s shorter than most of her songs, or if it’s the fact that intros are normally skipped over on albums nowadays. The background vocals and string instruments just really make the song have this phenomenal sound. Ariana Grande continues the tradition of making beautiful intros to her albums. On her album Positions, she opens the album with her intro shut up and on her album Sweetner, opening with raindrops (an angel cried) was a wonderful way to start it off. The vocals in all three of those songs and all of her other songs go to show she’s a wonderful vocalist.

The song that I can’t personally get into and every time it comes on I skip is supernatural. I just can’t seem to find any interest in it or any beat hook. I am someone who looks for hooks in the song beat early on and every other song on this album had that sort of hook but supernatural just didn’t in my opinion. I did like Troye Sivan’s verse on the remix but the song doesn’t work for me.

Grande has released two music videos for her album and those were for yes, and? and we can’t be friends (wait for your love). Both were wonderful music videos and had lots of meaning. The real meaning behind yes, and?’s music video is that she has all these people watching and criticizing her every move and she just doesn’t care anymore. This is likely a pull at the drama that has followed from her divorce recently and how people were making accusations that she ruined a happy relationship and cheated on her husband with actor Ethan Slater. 

Overall this album is a gorgeous 7th addition to her discography and she gets every element and emotion into this new project of hers. While pushing back this negativity and hate she gets she managed to bring out the eternal sunshine with all of this new music. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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