Softball Playoff Preview

For the third year, the school’s softball team is district champions. Finishing the regular season with a 14-2 district record, the team is currently on a six-game winning streak, which includes really important wins like the 11-9 win against Burbank on April 18, and the 12-2 win against Alamo Heights on April 22 to secure first in district.

“Our team has had our ups and downs throughout the season, but winning district was always the plan,” senior Ariana Gonzales said. “We’ve all had to work harder, playing for each other instead of just ourselves, and each fulfilling our part to prove to those that didn’t believe in us or didn’t want us to win that we could, and we did.”

The last game against Alamo Heights was crucial not only because it was the final seeding game, but because the team lost a big game against Heights in the two teams’ first matchup. With the win last Saturday, the team officially won the season series, taking dubs in the final two matchups of the season with the Mules.

“I think one moment that defined the team this season was our loss against Alamo Heights, because after that game we knew winning wouldn’t come so easy,” Gonzales said. “After this game, I believe we stepped up our game, practiced, harder, and played better.”

With the regular season wrapped up, the team will start the playoffs with a best-of-three first-round series against Southside High School. Southside finished fourth in their district with a 9-5 record, and game one of the series will be tonight at 7:15 p.m. at NEISD West.

“Playoffs are hard to have expectations for,” Gonzales said. “Anything can happen within a game and people expect us to lose. However, I know that as long as we play as a team, we do our part, and we have fun, then we’ll be just fine.”

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