Young Artists place in State V.A.S.E

The State V.A.S.E (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) competition took place on Saturday, April 25 in Dallas.

“When I was there it was really cool,” junior Mari Amos said.

Amos got a 4, one of the best scores, for her ink drawing of a dinosaur named Sue.

“There was a lot of really cool artwork,” Amos said. “Nothing that I could ever imagine doing and so I was really proud seeing [Mac] students there too, because one of the students got a gold seal which is kinda like the best of the best at the exhibition. So I think every one did really well .”

Freshman Juan Plaza earned the Gold Seal. He created a scratch board for the State contest.

“I was amazed, because all the other amazing artwork that [wasn’t] chosen as gold seals,” Plaza said.

Plaza’s fellow students and his teachers thought he did well at the competition. They had a lot to say about him.

“[In regards to his art] Oh it’s great,” Art teacher Mrs. Stephanie White said. “Juan worked so hard on that scratchboard. Everyday he came in and worked. I mean he was so intentional with his time and he really, really deserved it. It was a beautiful scratch board.”

The mission for V.A.S.E is to help recognize students for their art. Teachers and students say this motivates and benefits them.

“The contest itself at the regional level is really meant to be a supportive kind of contest where you go in and get positive reaffirmation from other teachers besides your teachers,” Mrs. White said. “So its a positive experience, so that you are not scared to be in an art contest or an art class.”

This opportunity to showcase student talent has many positive outlooks whether it benefits students or not. People often encourage others to join in on the competition.

“Participate in V.A.S.E if your in art class,” Amos said. “I mean participate in V.A.S.E because it’s a great opportunity to go out and learn more about art and you get to go see all these workshops and collaborate with people. So V.A.S.E is this really cool place to learn and as well to appreciate art.”×260.jpg
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