Haunted Halls- Ghost Stories of Mac

As the oldest high school in the district, an abundance of eerie things have occurred within Mac’s walls over the years. From teachers hearing strange noises, to students seeing moving figures, or even that odd feeling when you walk the empty halls, there are tons of stories that point to spirits wandering these halls. 

As the only original building left standing after the school’s 1999 reconstruction, the Brady Memorial Auditorium is home to plenty of mysterious incidents. Mr. Dean Whitus, the theatre teacher who spends more time in the auditorium than anybody else, has seen flickering and moving lights when he was alone. The lights, he says, move back and forth across the ceiling in random patterns with no explainable reason. 

The mysterious spirits that wander this campus have also made their presence known in the band hall during late hours after school. Practicing together in the main section of the band hall, Aaron Lira and Anthony Romero suddenly had this strange, unexplainable feeling come over them. They stopped drumming to look around and they thought they were alone, until they saw this black figure slowly glide behind them. When they turned to see what it was, the band hall door opened, almost as if someone–or something–was sneaking past them.

While some of the crazy things that have happened can be brushed off as just seeing things, Mr. Whitus was shown a video caught on security cameras that doesn’t make any sense. One of the cameras by the ROTC building was activated in the middle of the night by an orb. The small, mysterious orb floated past the camera, slowly, until it was out of shot, but hours later the camera was reactivated as the same orb came back. The chilling part is that these orbs, or spirits, on the same night, seemed to have also activated multiple cameras at L.E.E. High School.

These events, and more, could be just total coincidences and people’s eyes being deceived. Or perhaps the veil separating our world from the supernatural world is thinner on this campus, allowing trapped spirits to haunt teenagers forever.

The fourth four, dark empty, hiding anything sinister that could be lurking in the shadows. Photo by Jessica Harden.


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