Breast Cancer Awareness Month

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Lauren T.

Every October, the United States of America(U.S.A.) celebrates the lives that were, and still are, lost to breast cancer. We do this so we can feel complete. By having breast cancer walks, cities in the U.S.A. are able to commemorate the people who passed  away because of the horribleness breast cancer.

Breast Cancer, can affect women and men. It is a common type of cancer which you can die from. We have  breast cancer awareness month every year to celebrate lives lost and also to increase people’s awareness of disease. “ I always walk down the streets of town to remember all the lives lost. I once had cancer and i know how it feels.”Carrie A. states, while uneasy. “I hope the physicians all around the world find a cure soon.” Carrie has  suffered from throat cancer and is a survivor.

So many children lost parents(mostly moms) due to breast cancer. Which is very depressing. “ I believe we will find a cure, and even if it is in the future.” states Emalee L.

During breast cancer awareness month this October, the Tower of Americas was lit pink in honor of breast cancer victims. This is what the public chose to do, but what will you do to make a difference in the world of medicine?

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