Running Too Far

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By: Shelby Purvis

This person is a reckless driver

When a car crashes into an establishment, it causes so much damage and slows down everything, like their business or  another business. Many more reckless accidents happens in the car, and it is getting worse. All types of crashes are occurring in all types of places, the type of crash becoming more popular is running into buildings.

“Taking photos is a good thing to do because it could come in very handy when you speak to your claims adjuster,” explains  Carolyn Gorman, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute. Even if some how you can get pictures, you can ask other helpful people if they can get the pictures for you. You need all of the broken pieces in a picture to show to a judge or someone else.

There are many reasons why a person can crash into a building, because they are going too fast and too close to the wall or walls, stressed or tired, inexperienced or rusty on their driving skills, drunk, or when your foot get caught between the pedals. We need to be more careful on the road, or even backing into or out of a parking spot.

“Chances are, if the car in front of you hits the brakes, it’s because something is happening in front of him. By keeping your eyes on the car about five vehicles ahead of you, you are buying reaction time and can start slowing down even before the car in front of you does,” states Alice Collins, a teacher at University of Georgia.

Over 93% of people fail to be a good driver, but there are many ways to stop crashes before they happen. First of all put the phone down,or need to look at a map, pull over on the side of the road or get a GPS. Also having a lot of distractions in the car; loud music, the passenger and the back people in the back could be yelling or trying to show you a picture. Even if your aren’t a bad or reckless driver, you still have to watch out for the other drivers by you.That’s how crashes happen, when one or two people aren’t watching themselves or the other person. we need to be careful about the road or we will crash into a buildings, cause a lot of damage, and cause some serious injuries.


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