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A good friend of mine, Tess Pitcher, plays in the Liberty Soccer Club. She’s played soccer for a while now and is very good. She is pretty good at playing her position as goalie and can easily get along with her fellow teammates. Was it hard to play in the burning heat often? She obviously replied with yes!

“Yes because if you are playing a hard team and you don’t get enough water breaks you shut down.”

Her mom coaches the team so she got on easily. Both of her sisters also go to the same club! Nonetheless, Pitcher plays very well on the team and is a great addition. According to Pitcher they got to choose their numbers, so she chose the number 13 because her uncle had it, her sister has it, mom had it, cousin had it, and its better than the number 12!

Pitcher started playing soccer because a lot of people in her family play it. That makes it easy to play the sport. Also because it’s her favorite sport. With that being said, if she could play any other sports she would play¬†“Basketball and do more pole vaulting. I would do this because they are my pastime and school sports along with volleyball. I would be better if I played full time.”

As you can see, according to Pitcher, soccer can be easy but hard, fun but crazy, and strict but amusing.

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