Vaneza Plumas a great dancer!!!!!

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We interviewed a 7th grade dancer. During this interview we can see how happy Vaneza is about dance.

Vaneza does almost all kinds of dance except Tap.

“I started dancing 9 years ago, when I was 3 years old. My mom inspired me, because she’s really good dancing and when I saw her dancing really happy I felt like, her happiness was around the whole place and I thought that I would like to be like her. I would like to make everybody happy and proud of my dance, but I know that I have to be happy with my self and I am. I know that the 3 days that I train in Cynergy Dance Company, including Saturday, will make me a better and great dancer. ”

“I remember that my mom is always happy when she danced and I didn’t understand why. Until I started dancing. When I dance I feel like I can fly, I feel really happy. I enjoy what I do and I think it helps me to be good at what I do. I have so many good memories but I always remember when I won an award for great fluency  and emotion. When I won the award I felt like I was the queen. It feels really good, of course I had obstacles, it took me too long  learn how to do the ‘Double Tastle Into Illusion Tilt x2’. I’m happy and proud of my self because I can say that now I know almost all the movements.”

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