Black Friday

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Black Friday, shows the chaos of the sinister day after Thanksgiving. Many stores offer deals that seem too good to be true, most times it is by the time you get to any store they would be sold out of the best deals. Some deals include gaming systems, televisions, appliances, toys, and just about anything people would want for large discounts like 25-60% off. These deals can be almost impossible to resist when you see them, but most times when you arrive at a store  and you see people swarming the shelves without a second thought and you change your mind. My opinion on the deals is that they are there so that  people can stretch their money still get their family’s  Christmas gifts.

However this year there was a lot less money spent than last year’s average, in stores and most shopping was done online. Last year the average person spent $407, this year the average person spent only $327, almost $100 less than last year. There was no big events involving the health and safety of shoppers. Most people believe this is due to the growth of online shopping or Cyber Monday. This is used to see how the United States economy is doing, and to see what Americans are spending their money on, the amount of money spent on useless things is really shocking when you could spend it on other more important things.

 More money was spent on Thanksgiving because of  Thanksgiving Thursday, people who got all of their black Friday shopping done the day before to get more last minute Christmas shopping in. With this new idea of Thanksgiving Thursday Black Friday may be eliminated altogether. What are your opinions of Black Friday, Thanksgiving Thursday, Online Shopping, or the government tracking our spending? Did you spend more money on Black Friday, thanksgiving Thursday, or Cyber Monday?

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