Into The Light

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”  Hello is anybody there ?” Mackensie (Mack)  said  in a faint whisper, suddenly  a bright light brighter than the sun flashed in her face. Mack covered her eyes,in horror she let out a ear piercing scream. Then Beep beep, her alarm clock goes off  then her mother comes in and says with a song in her voice ” Rise and shine my sweet cheeks. ” Mom, don’t call me sweet cheeks I’m not a little kid any more I’m thirteen.” whined Mack. she got out of bed and got ready. She went on the bus and sat by her friend                 Nicky, who was chewing gum like a cow while bobbing her head  to her music.”Nicky can you you hear me!” hollered  Mack.Mack just shrugged and sat alone. She felt a cold breeze it whispered ” Mack.” she turned her back then she look back then was her friend Miller  laughing “you should have seen  your face !” laughed Miller.

Mack goes to lunch and there’s all her friend waiting for her. Then she tells every one about her dream Miller says ” May the new student, why did you have a dream about her?”    says Miller. ” She too perky.” said Nicky with her arms crossed. ” Guys this is weird maybe shes a ghost” whimpered Mack.They both say ” ghost are not real! ” May walks up with pink glitter cards and hands them to Mack, Miller and Nicky. They agree to go ,May has a huge smile on her face and cheerful chips ” wonderful”, and skips away. 

That night they ride they bikes to May’s house. They knock on the door but no answer  about two minutes later the door creak open slowly May was at the door.  she looked skinnier and pale. Her lip were white Nicky ,Mack and Miller stare in horror tried to run away but they feet cant move.May pulls her hands as if she pulled a rope , there pulled off  there feet and drag in.

The floor  is covered in moss  and bugs, it smells like mold. Nicky and Miller are drag in a different rooms.  Mack passed out she finds she in a chair and tied down with rope. She looks up and see May hovering over the ground.Mack screams ” what do you want with me.”  Mays lips open her mouth showing her black teeth and rotten gums.”We want your soul” says May with her  hand touching Mack’s hands.Mack looks at Mays black eyes and says ”theres more.”  The ground shakes then two more ghost come ”we need souls to stay a live and you and you friends are perfect ” said May and her friends coming closer to Mack. To be continued….

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hey im Alex Rodriguez aka Alexis I love candy and friend, I'm in 7th grade and I have awsome friends :)

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