The Legend of The One

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Once upon a time, in the medieval times,there was an old man who created a prophecy. ” There will be an eleven year old boy who will free this world from darkness on the date, 9/3/2002.” The old man shouted,
” He will free this world from the evil of you!” Then a shady figure came from the shadows. ” Well, if this “boy” is strong enough to be me, I’ll believe it, but for now, I believe only myself!” The shady figure took out his sword and sliced the old man’s head off. The shady figure then shouted, ” LONG LIVE DEATHHEAD!!!”

On September 3, 2002, Deathhead began to worry. ” This ‘boy’ will be the death of me and my centuries of terror and reign!”said Deathhead. ” I will not be stopped by a mere boy!” Deathhead commands his deadly mercenaries to hunt every single newborn baby and burn them. The mercenaries quickly go to every hospital and home and kill every newborn in the world. When the cruel deed was done, Deathhead laughed and celebrated by torturing his slave, and shouted, “LONG LIVE DEATHHEAD!”However, one baby in Texas survived the attack, but his parents weren’t so lucky.

The kid went to an orphanage in San Antonio, Texas. He was always getting bullied by a kid named Josh, a 10 year old punk. He always called the kid midget because he was a small 5 year old boy. He punched him, kicked him, and even spit on him. The kid was always bullied, but still had a friend, named Kathy. She met him a year ago and named him Drake. They have been friends ever since. Meanwhile, one of Deathhead’s mercenaries found out that a kid was still alive at an orphanage in San Antonio, Texas, and was born on 9/3/02. Deathhead exploded with anger and told the mercenary to go get the kid and bring it to him with extreme prejudice. At the orphanage, an adult came in and commanded the kid born on 9/3/02 out to the front, or he’ll burn the orphanage down. ¬†When he came out, the mercenary received new orders, kill the boy on sight. The mercenary drew his pistol and pointed it at the kid’s head. The mercenary fired, and Drake shot his hand out in front of his face. Then the kid looked up, and found out that his hand stopped the bullet. ” What the?!” said the mercenary. Drake stared at his hand in amazement with the bullet floating in midair! Then, he shot out his hand again, and made the floating bullet hit the mercenary. The mercenary was hit in the heart and died instantly. Drake soon found out that he had the power of electricity.

“WHAT!” shouted Deathhead, “A 5 year old kid beat my finest mercenary, without getting harmed!” Deathhead then left his throne. ” I’ll kill this rodent myself!” Then, Deathhead left his fortress in¬†pursuit of the kid, Drake. When Drake got out of the orphanage a few days later, he was attacked. Deathhead equipped his sword and charged after Drake. Fortunately, Drake mastered his electric powers for a few days, and was ready. Drake called a storm and shot Deathhead with a lightning bolt. He charged Deathhead and punched him left, right and left and right, but Deathhead grabbed Drake’s neck and choked him. Then, he again equipped his sword and stabbed Drake in his chest. Drake was scared. His chest dripped bright red blood and couldn’t hebelieve his eyes. Then he started to rage, his electricity turned red and summoned a lightning storm. He repeatedly kept striking Deathhead, and soon Deathhead couldn’t take anymore and died.

Drake then fell, the wound on his chest was covered with blood and it was too big to be stitched back together. Then, Kathy came crying like a baby and hugged Drake. “Goodbye Kathy” said Drake. Then he closed his eyes. Kathy cried and cried, she wouldn’t stop crying. Then, a tear fell on the Drake’s chest wound and the ground started rumbling, the sky shook, and lightning flooded the sky. Drake’s eyes turned white and Kathy backed away. Then, Drake rose and opened his eyes and Kathy screamed, “DRAKE!” She ran to Drake and gave him a big hug. ” Don’t you ever scare me like that again!” said Kathy. Drake said, “I promise.” and they went back inside the orphanage.

Drake soon became the protector of the United States. He got married to Kathy and they had 2 kids, they named them Bolt and Dash. They both had super powers. Dash had super speed, and Bolt had explosive powers. They would become the future protectors of the United States.


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