Churchillians: Jake Hernandez

Jake Hernandez is the track captain this year. He is an all-around nice guy with all A’s and trophies. Throughout his school life, he has been cherished by his classmates and has always put smiles on people’s faces. Regardless, as he felt the need for some motivation, he decided to join track.

“I got more into track my 8th grade year. So I decided to continue the sport through high school,” said Hernandez. “I enjoy the sport because many people don’t participate in my event and because it helps me grow and has taught me so many lessons that I carry with me every day.”

Extracurricular involvement at Churchill is crucial. Many people around campus create new bonds from the clubs or sports that they share. These interactions can aid one’s esteem and help students connect with people they never thought they would.

“Being involved makes me feel happy because I get to connect with my fellow students and the coaches as well,” said Hernandez. “The coaches and staff have always been very gracious to their teams and students; they love their teams’ dedication, which helps us become our best selves in our sports.”

Making friends in high school can be tricky sometimes. We need someone to turn to, and having an outlet such as track has helped Hernandez.

“I have made lots of friends from track, and some of my closest friends do track with me, ” said Hernandez. “I’m very glad I made friends so that we can push and feed off each other to try to get better.”

Since Hernandez’s high school years are ending, he talked about his plans.

“I want to go to college,” said Hernandez. “The term collegiate athlete sounds good; it could help pay for college. Hopefully, it goes that route.”

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