Cold-Hearted Valentine

I woke up nervous. It has already been a year since I last saw her, a year exactly.

Long-distance relationships are painful. But people always tell me that getting rid of them must be worse. I wouldn’t really know since I never got rid of her— of the relationship, I mean.

We only see each other once a year, and as tacky as it sounds, it is on Valentine’s Day. She never complains about that, though. She never complains about anything, actually. Not even on Valentine’s Day. She never asks, “Why do we only see each other once a year?” She never even asks why I let her flower bouquet rot for a year before getting her a fresh one.

That is probably why I’m still with her. She never complains about me like others do. However, I know that one day, when I visit her and sit on her marble chair, she won’t be there anymore. Every year, I see less of her. She becomes thinner. Maybe she’s sad? I don’t know. She stopped smiling a long time ago.

But I don’t mind her coldness. She is still beautiful to me. I should get her new clothes, though. Her’s are not quite “in” anymore. They haven’t for a while now.

On my way to her place, I stopped for flowers like I promised. The road is familiar. She hasn’t moved, even though I know she wants to. I like to think that the reason she stays is to be close to me, but I might be wrong. She might not move because she can’t seem to leave her hometown. It holds such memories of us. There was a time when we used to see each other every day.

I parked outside, and I walked to the gate. Some people were visiting their loved ones as well. They all brought flowers too. You know, red roses. We were all so predictable. I knew they all missed the time when their loved ones ate chocolates; it gave some variety to the list of gifts.

I got to her house. No need to knock since I know she can always tell when I get there. And I sit. And I wait. And wait for a while. What is taking her so long? She should be awake by now.

The sun goes down as I stare at the red roses I bought for her. Maybe she doesn’t like red roses. Perhaps that is why she never woke up. Maybe I should break up with her.

I’m really tired of long-distance relationships. Especially when that distance can only be shortened by things like knives, diseases, and the passing of time.

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