Project Fairytale

Prom: the annual event for upperclassmen. Every April, our students fall to the realization that looking amazing for one night costs more than anticipated. But fear no more: our Fairy Godmothers are here.

Churchill High School’s Family Engagement is not only part of the school but also our community. They are making life easier for our students by bringing dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories for prom and other end-of-the-year celebrations for the students to select, free of charge. It is also important to mention that the generous clothing donations were brought in by community members.

Project Fairytale is the campaign behind such efforts, and behind the campaign, the amazing Jorgina Gonzalez is the brain behind the operation.

“I found it very heartwarming to see all of these donations from the people,” said Gonzalez. “They care about the students here, and we are still being given donations which . I’m sure, come from the bottom of their hearts”.

Gonzalez also shared that it was a successful turnout. They have given away over 100 dresses for a previous event and students are still coming by to find their dream outfit”.

I interviewed a couple of students who found an outfit for their chosen event at the Project Fairylate campaign.

“What drew me to the place was other people’s comments about how the clothing there was really nice,” said Junior Raven Jurado.” I checked it out, and definitely think I found the dress I was looking for”. 

In the end, this project has been a blessing to the school and everyone here. Family Engagement has thought of how to help students in an entirely different way than what is commonly seen, and let’s hope they can help more students’ end-of-the-year dreams come true.

If you want to find your dream outfit, go to room 8145 during your lunch periods.


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