Libya’s Struggle Almost Over!

As you all may know, a civil war broke out in Libya when simple protests were met with military force on February 15, 2011.  Since then Muammar Gaddafi has been trying to eliminate all traces of rebellion against his 42 year rule over Libya. Here is a bit about how things have changed for Gaddafi as the war raged on and from how he went from dictator to cowardly old man over the course of  a few months.

The war in Libya started as a few protesters, and then turned into all out war. The rebel force, also known as the National Transitional Council, has gained control of most of Libya, there are only a few Libyan cities still under control of Libyan government troops. The government has suffered major losses, including Gaddafi’s son, Khamis Gaddafi, who was reported dead on August 29, 2011 after a fight against government troops. The government troops are still fighting for control of Libya, but the rebels have grown to vast numbers, become more organized, and stolen most of the governments best weapons and guns to use against them. The rebel forces have already gained control of Libya’s capitol, Tripoli. now only two major Libyan cities are under the government’s control that do not have ongoing conflict.

The rebels advanced along the Libyan coastline, taking control of cities and gaining more troops, weapons, and power. Now the rebels have controll of the country and Muammar Gaddafi’s rule is diminishing and the cowardly ruler watched his country crumble, then ran away and hid. The location of Gaddafi is still unknown, but even if he wasn’t hiding, his rule over Libya would still be all but finished.

National Transitional Council’s flag is the same as the old Kingdom of Libya’s.

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