Symphony of Science

The Symphony of Science is  a series of videos by a YouTube user by the name of melodysheep makes mash-ups using quotes from different scientist. He filters them through auto tune, making a really a fun way to learn about science.

1) This music video is about the Quantum World. It explains a little bit about the Quantum World in a cool way.




2) This music video is about the World of Dinosaurs. It talks about dinosaurs in a way that kids probably will enjoy more than reading a textbook or going to a museum.




3) This music video is talking about The Case of Mars. It explains briefly why Mars is so interesting to us.






4) This music video is about the Big Bang. It tells us about the most popular theory of how we got here (in the scientific community).




5) This music video is talking about Einstein’s equation, E=MC2. It helps explain just a little about how that equation works, and how it helped solve the mystery of the stars.

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