Stifled by Drought, Park Reserves Need Attention

The Natural Bridge Texas Wildlife Ranch of New Braunfels has been packed in the past weeks, but is increasingly hot and in drought because of the areas lack of rain. Along with this ranch, the San Antonio Zoo is home to a huge amount of animals and houses them under this climate. One solution is to donate for a cause, or hope for rain and safe weather for the animals’ well being. Conservation is the main concern for places such as these, and in the hot Texas summer they are in the right. These parks need help to go on, especially from the tourists they entertain.

Ostrich. photo by Autumn Baca

This drought has become the most severe ever recorded since they began tallying in 1895, and is potentially hurting summer sales in these parks. At 110 degrees fahrenheit, people are swayed away from the parks. Of course, advertising and attendees are the factors during these months, and the parks’ cafes and beverage bars are surely ways to beat the heat.

Showcasing animals from the southern White Rhino and Giraffe, to even more Lemurs and zebras, Wildlife Ranch plays host to an exotic variety of African Safari animals, Texas style. Gathering many funds from admission fees to the Natural Bridge Cavern and the ranch, the park still requires immense amounts of work to keep running. For $16.50, or $15.00 with a coupon, you support the ranch and its fascinating addition to south Texas.

zebras. photo by Autumn Baca

The San Antonio Zoo also relies on its admissions, but more heavily takes on donations from friendly contributers. The zoo need help and more attendees. The park off of hildebrand costs $2.00 dollars to get in, but the zoo is home to more than 3,500 animals representing 600 species and is worth the attention.

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