Students Volunteer For Habit For Humanity

Electrical Systems Technology Magnet Apprenticeship Program and Architectural Drafting Class¬†helped ¬†Habitat For Humanity build a house for a family in need, as they do annually. Habitat for Humanity is an organization who’s goal is to “help families help themselves” by collaborating with them to build a home. So far, about 795 houses have been built in San Antonio.

Led by Mr. Steve Albert, the students put up walls and wired houses for a married couple and their 4 children.

“The experience was fun and tiring,” junior Justin Meyers said. “It felt really good to apply my skills to helping others.”

Part of the Architecture class, freshman Jesus Zendejo described putting up walls for the house as “fun, but hard work”.

photo by Connor McInerney

The experience was not only educational as the students got the opportunity to work with a master electrician, but also eye-opening.

“Seeing how small their house is in comparison to your own house makes you feel really blessed,” Meyers said.

Having applied the skills they learned in class to real life, Meyers and Zendejo both say they want to continue volunteering for the organization.

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One thought on “Students Volunteer For Habit For Humanity

  1. It was not only fun, but we were also learning how a house is built besides just doing it on the computer. It is what people call ‘hands on’ learning.

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