Valentine’s Day Make-up from Michelle Phan


Valentine’s Day is coming up!

It is a time with romance in the air- a time to spend with your significant other if you have one. Or to go out with your friends and find yourself one! No matter what the occasion, you probably want to look your best.

Most of you probably have your whole ensemble picked out, but for some of you, you may be wondering: What should my make-up look like? Some will go with the smokey eye, some with a natural look, and some may just go with eyeliner and mascara- nothing else! But if you need help, there’s a great tutorial called “Romantic Valentine Look” by Michelle Phan, a make-up artist and spokeswoman for Lancome Paris cosmetics. It is one of her easier tutorials- I even did it myself!

Although it’s very simple, it’s still a beautiful look and just about anyone can pull it off. It mainly focuses on the eyes and is a very girly look: all you need is a pink and a brown eyeshadow. For the rest of the look, it’s just your normal face routine. It’s a very clean look, but not so clean that you’ll look like you didn’t put in any effort whatsoever- even though you really didn’t have to! The video is on Youtube, but for those of you who don’t have access to the website, I typed out what she said right here. Read on, my friends!

Here is a picture of the look:

"Romantic Valentine Look" by Michelle Phan

“After moisturizing, apply your liquid foundation first. Blend it away with the foundation brush. Now, moving on to concealer; I’m using Lise Watier color wheel. I’m using the concealer color on my dark circles to conceal them, preferably a salmon colored concealer. Blend it using a brush. I’m using Essence of Beauty brushes that you can purchase at your local CVS stores. Set your foundation with finishing powder.”

“Here, I’m using Afterglow’s mineral powder in Ivory and loading it up with my Kabuki brush. Buff it away using the brush. Redefine your eyebrows: darken them out a bit to give your eyes a more dramatic look. I’m using Anastasia’s dual powder in Medium Ash.

Moving on to eyeshadow: hopefully you have a few pink eyeshadows that you can use. I’m using Stila Sleeping Princess Pallete. Take the lightest color that you have, and apply it all over your lids and brow bone. Now take a soft pink color and apply it on the hollow of your eyes. Don’t use too much- pink eyeshadow can make your eyes look irritated. Load your brush up with Lise Watier Metamorphix Fluid or Visine to enhance the color of your eyeshadow and apply the dark brown eyeshadow on the outer and inner corner of your eyes. Brown helps tone the pink hue, helping it look more natural. Blend away with your blending brush. Don’t overblend- it’ll make your eyeshadow appear muddy. Using the Metamorphix again, load up with the lightest color and highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Apply it near the tear ducts and on the ball of your eyelids… and along the browbone. Your eyes should appear dewy and fresh. Now take the same dark brown color, and apply it on the outer lower lashline. This will soften the look. Using lavender concealer, re-highlight your key areas- the nose bridge and your cheeks. With your dark brown eyeliner, line your eyes. Use a cutip to help maneuver the eyeliner along the lash line.

Curl your lashes. Now apply on your favorite mascara; here, I’m using Lise Watier’s 24 Hour Mascara. Don’t forget the bottom lashes. Taking your blush brush, load it up with a pink color and putting two fingers under your eyes, apply it on the cheeks without passing the two fingers. This will make your blush appear more natural. Apply it along the jawline, forehead, and nose to give your face that blushing glow. Now finish off with your favorite pink lipstick. You should look radiant and romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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