Team Vida-Race for a Cure!

Team Vida puts aside their hairnets to support cancer survivors

The cafeteria staff, inspired by staff members, Ms. Elvira Padilla (six year survivor) and Ms. Irma Espinoza (current cancer fighter), to come together and participate in this year’s Susan G. Komen 2012 Race for the Cure.

“We just started talking about it and decided that it would be cool to get more people involved,” Ms. Leah Whetsone (team Vida Leader) said.

The walk is May 12 and starts on Cherry St. at Alamodome and starts at 8:20 a.m.

“We secured a spot that we’re going to meet at for the people that don’t want to walk but that would like to come out and support!” Whetsone said.

People can donate they can visit the Team Vida site or buy a shirt for $10 in the cafeteria to support the team. You can also sign up to walk with Team Vida to be a “part of this fight and honoring these women who have fought and are fighting,” Whetsone said.

Elvira Padilla and Irma Espinoza



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