Crossing the Finish Line

MacArthur Cross Country Team

Cross Country Season Ends

After strenuous practices and long meets filled with sweat and aspirations, the cross country team pushed through the season and came out accomplished.

The cross country season came to an end and members were both relieved and pleased on how the season went. Coach Ychlindria Spears played a large part in the members success by encouraging pep-talks and all around support.

“At the district meet I looked up at and I saw I dropped a minute off my time , I couldn’t have done that without the help of the coach,” sophomore Parker Miller said.

Looking back on the results of the season meets team members realized they were growing as a team and personally reaching goals.

“We did a lot better this year than last year. It was a fun season and i’m already ready for next year,” sophomore Jeffrey Carter said.


After taking fourth in the cold and windy NEISD meet, the team took a well earned trip to Enchanted Rock.

“My best memory this this whole season was the team trip to Enchanted Rock, it was a fun bonding experience” sophomore Alexis De La Cruz said.


The members not only saw that this recently past season of cross country as a season of accomplishment but as a chance to be with people that love the same thing they do, running.

“Even though the season is over we are all still very close,” De La Cruz said.

The cross country season was a success in most members minds. They pushed their limits and are ready to push even further next season.


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