High Flying-Winter Guard

Winter Guard performance. photo by Jessica Snyder

Winter Guard ‘s Season Begins

Colorful flags rip through the air and white, wooden rifles flip rapid circles. A combination of dance and and acrobatics captures the audience of friends and family’s undivided attention.

Thursday night, in the large gym, winter color guard fulfilled their expectations for their first performance.

“The main reason for our performance is to get all of our jitters out before our first competition,” JV captain Sariah Willden said.

The music for the performance was carefully picked out to fit with the dance and represent the message the guard wants to convey to the audience .

“We dance to ‘ I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz. It is about celebrating memories and enlightening the audience by the beauty of song and dance together,” Willden said.

Winter guard is in many ways different from the color guard that travels with the marching band. It contains more graceful movements and reflects lyrical dance more so than franticly running around a football field. In winter guard they are the lead actors.

“This performance was open to everyone , so hopefully more people and students will know more about about winter guard and they will show support,” guard member Halee Donell said.

The season started right after marching season ended in November and their first competition is quickly approaching in the next couple weeks.

“Last year there was no winter guard ┬áto represent Mac, so this year we all worked extra hard to be prepared and build a good new reputation for the Mac guard”, Wilden said.

Soon, the guard will travel every weekend around the state competing for more than a title, they will be competing for a name . They wish to keep enlightening their audience by bringing music to life through dance.

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