Record-Breaking Team Falls

Nico Loera (11) going over a Hanna player.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

 Boys Soccer Loses to Hanna

   A hard-fought game resulted in boys soccer falling short with a 2-1 loss to Brownsville Hanna April 12. The boys played tough, but in the end they could not pull off a win.

   The first half featured a constant battle for ball possession by both teams. At halftime, the game was scoreless.

   The action began in the second half when Brownsville Hanna made the game’s first goal in the 47th minute off of a penalty kick. Five minutes later, the boys struck back with a goal by Caden Bleamaster (11) tying the game at one. Eventually, Hanna took the lead in the 55th minute. They would hold on to that lead for the rest of the game, ending the Brahmas’ season.

   “The other team was solid,” Nico Loera (11) said. “I think our team came out weak. We kind of started picking it up towards the end but it was already too late.”

Caden Bleamaster (11) squatting during a break.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

    Referees made controversial calls causing fans to become angered and to boo at them. Such calls included: lack of penalties for foul slide tackles, shoving, and even not stopping the game when a Hanna player was lying down on the ground injured.

   “I can’t believe this game is over because of the ref, but that’s soccer; anything can happen,” Loera said. “There was just bad calls, obviously that penalty kick cost us a point and we lost by one and there goes the season.”

   Coach Barranco is proud of the team and their accomplishments this year. This year was the first time boys soccer has made the regional tournament since 1996.

   “It’s tough [ending the season],” he said. “The whole season was a great season. It’s going to be tough not having the same group next year.”

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