Football Players Have Feelings Too

The team gathered around to talk about how they can improve their game. Photo by Maddy Tompkins

The football team is one of the hardest working teams we have at the school, with all the long hours and hard workouts they put into practice everyday.

“Well I’ve kind of gotten use to all the insults and learned how to ignore them,” Raul Pastor, 11, said. “It doesn’t really bother me cause I know we put in work. It’s just mental mistakes that we make. It’s kind of disappointing that your own ‘crew’ won’t support you while you’re doing bad, but as soon as you start doing good they’ll hop on the wagon and join right in.”

Even if the football team doesn’t win, there are still many students who appreciate the hard work that the players put in during their practices and a game.

“I tell them; if you think you can honestly make a difference you should be on the football team and if you think you can do better than us you go do [all] the hard work we do every single day,” Cole Anderson, 11, said. “They should be supporting us instead of doubting us.”

Although, some students don’t know how hard the football players have to work, they still give negative comments.

“If they really want to know all the hard work that we put in, they should come out and try to see us practice or feel the environment that we go through on field days the day before the game or during the period before the game,” Pastor said. “It’s really serious and we don’t take it as a joke or anything. We get our minds straight and get ready for the game. We all try to do our best and try to show everybody up and tell them we’re putting in our work.”

Many students would have a much better understanding of the football team’s workouts they do during the practices if they were actually in a football players position.

“I think [students] would start understanding what we actually do,” Anderson said. “They wouldn’t [hate on the team] after they understood what we go through every single day.”

All of the football players put immense amounts of work into bettering themselves at each practice and each game. They are hoping that soon they’ll regain the support they once had.

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