Ashten Glenn The Number One Receiver

Glenn at the Homecoming game
Photo by Kayla Martin

Just a regular senior football player Ashten Glenn, 12, has achieved the highest rank as a wide receiver in the city by working hard and never giving up on the field.

“It’s an honor because our [city] is really hard, it just shows how I’ve worked over summer to get where I’m at,” Glenn said.

Not only has Glenn improved during the summer by practicing, but has also had teammates help him by working alongside him.

“As a team all summer all we did was work out,” Glenn said. “We did weights during the weekend and we did football training during the week, we hired personal trainers to [help us] work out. It wasn’t easy.”

Although Glenn puts an immense amount of work into a game, just like everyone else he has that one thing or person that motivates him, to keep doing his best.

“My dad, hasn’t really been there for me, but he got real sick and his health made me want to play [well] for him,” Glenn said. “The coaches [too] because [they have] been there for me like a dad and I [want to] make sure that I can do the best I can and make my dad proud and the coaches proud.”

Although Glenn would like to continue as a wide receiver in college he is also considering the idea that he might get placed in a different position on the football team in his college years.

“Yeah, I would like to stay a receiver in college, but where ever they want to put me I’ll [play any position on the team] just [so I can] keep playing the sport I love,” Glenn said. “So far the biggest interests I’ve had [are] Sam Houston [has] been emailing me and [I] started getting in contact with Texas Tech.”

Glenn plans on taking his skills from a high school football team, to a college football team, all the way to the NFL.

“That’s a big shot now, the percentages aren’t really high but, you never know maybe something works out,” Glenn said.

Even if Glenn has the top rank as a receiver in the city everyone still sees him as a laid back guy that they can talk to and go to for help.

“More of just a leadership now where [fellow teammates] are looking up to me, they’re asking me questions, [and] they’re asking me what to do,” Glenn said. “Before the season started, I took this leadership role where I think ‘I could lead the team’ and ever since I’ve done well and got this ranking, it’s more of a statement like ‘yeah this is the leader of the team’ and I’m proud to take up[that leadership role], I’m ready to take that pressure and I think I can be a good leader for this team.”

Although Glenn has attained this rank as the number one receiver he still cares about his team and is proud of all of the team members.

“Don’t give up on the Mac football team.” Glenn said.

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