One-Act now in Session

With the cast list recently posted and the rehearsals set, theatre begins preparations for One-Act; the UIL contest where each school in the district competes to get their play to advance. The contest is March 29,  MacArthur will perform at 10 a.m. with the show Iphigenia.

March 21 there will be a clinic for each school’s show in the district, where judges tell them how far they’ve gotten and what should be changed or fixed, plus personal comments about the play. Until then the cast will attempt to perfect the play and cut the time down to 40 minutes or under as per UIL regulations.

A painting inspired by the play. Iphigenie (1862) by Anselm Feuerbach .Photo from
A painting inspired by the play. Iphigenie (1862) by Anselm Feuerbach .Photo from

Here is the cast for Iphigenia:


Christian Parrish Р Agamemnon

Naomi Bird – Iphingenia

Angelean MaMahon – Clytemnestra

Sam Wittlinger – Achilles

Seth Guerrero – Menelaus

Devon Moreno – Old Man

Destiny Garza – Old Chorus

Sophia Pollock – Old Chorus

Maddie Hamby – Young Chorus

Zoe Garner – Young Chorus

Sarah Gokelman – Young Chorus

Miranda Suarez – Young Chorus

Andrew Monaco – Soldier

Thomas Blackwood – Soldier

Ricardo Guzman – Soldier


Jessica Snyder – Sound

Corbin Schnuriger – Stage Manager

Diamante Martinez – Lights

Bailey Rayner – Crew


Zachary Espinoza

Taylor Beesinger

Casey Canamar

Anthony Santiago

Changes to cast may be made during the duration of One-Act


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